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      Identification and Characterization of Diaporthe spp. Associated with Twig Cankers and Shoot Blight of Almonds in Spain 

      León, Maela; Berbegal, Mónica; Rodríguez Reina, José M.; Elena, Georgina; Abad Campos, Paloma; Ramón Albalat, Antonio; Olmo, Diego; Vicent, Antonio; Luque, Jordi; Miarnau, Xavier; Agustí Brisach, Carlos; Trapero, Antonio; Capote, Nieves; Arroyo, Francisco T.; Avilés Guerrero, Manuel; Gramaje, David; Andrés Sodupe, Marcos; Armengol, Josep (MDPI, 2020)
      Two hundred and twenty-five Diaporthe isolates were collected from 2005 to 2019 in almond orchards showing twig cankers ...