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PhD Thesis

Transcriptional regulation by the Velvet complex during development in Neurospora crassa

Cea Sánchez, Sara; Corrochano Peláez, Luis María; Cánovas López, David (2023)
Developmental transitions in fungi are key to their success in colonizing new habitats and adapting to stressful environmental ...

Light regulates the degradation of the regulatory protein VE-1 in the fungus Neurospora crassa

Gil Sánchez, María del Mar; Cea Sánchez, Sara; Luque, Eva M.; Cánovas López, David; Corrochano Peláez, Luis María (Springer Nature, 2022)
Background: Fungi use light as an environmental signal to regulate developmental transitions that are key aspects of their ...

Transcriptional regulation by the velvet protein VE-1 during asexual development in the fungus neurospora crassa.

Cea Sánchez, Sara; Corrochano Luque, María; Gutiérrez Pozo, Gabriel; Glass, N. Louise; Cánovas López, David; Corrochano Peláez, Luis María (American Society for Microbiology, 2022)
Asexual reproduction in fungi facilitates the dispersal and colonization of new substrates and, in pathogenic fungi, allows ...

WHI-2 Regulates Intercellular Communication via a MAP Kinase Signaling Complex

Cea Sánchez, Sara; Chow, Karen M.; Gonçalves, A. Pedro; Glass, N. Louise (Frontiers Media, 2020)
he formation of the fungal mycelial network is facilitated by somatic cell fusion of germinating asexual spores (or ...

Genome sequencing of evolved aspergilli populations reveals robust genomes, transversions in A. flavus, and sexual aberrancy in non-homologous end-joining mutants

Álvarez Escribano, Isidro; Sasse, Christoph; Bok, Jin Woo; Na, Hyunsoo; Amirebrahimi, Mojgan; Gutiérrez Pozo, Gabriel; Cea Sánchez, Sara; Marcos Rodríguez, Ana Teresa; Cánovas López, David (BMC, 2019)
BACKGROUND: Aspergillus spp. comprises a very diverse group of lower eukaryotes with a high relevance for industrial ...