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      Dynamical Probabilistic P Systems: Definitions and Applications  [Presentation]

      Pescini, Dario; Besozzi, Daniela; Zandron, Claudio; Mauri, Giancarlo (Fénix Editora, 2005)
      We introduce dynamical probabilistic P systems, a variant where probabilities associated to the rules change during the evolution of the system, as a new approach to the analysis and simulation of the behavior of complex ...
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      On Modelling Ion Fluxes Across Biological Membranes with P Systems  [Presentation]

      Ardelean, Ioan I.; Besozzi, Daniela (Fénix Editora, 2005)
      In this report we address the challenge of using P systems to integrate at the whole cell level both active and passive transport of different ions, done by different types of membrane transport proteins which work ...