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    • IconNeuromorphic Silicon Neuron Circuits  [Article]

      Arthur, John; Linares Barranco, Bernabé; Serrano Gotarredona, María Teresa; Indiveri, Giacomo; Hamilton, Tara Julia; Schaik, André van; Delbruck, Tobi; Dudek, Piotr (2011)
    • IconSTDP and STDP Variations with Memristors for Spiking Neuromorphic Learning Systems  [Article]

      Indiveri, Giacomo; Linares Barranco, Bernabé; Masquelier, T.; Serrano Gotarredona, María Teresa; Prodromakis, T. (2013)
      In this paper we review several ways of realizing asynchronous Spike-Timing-DependentPlasticity (STDP) using memristors as synapses. Our focus is on how to use individual memristors to implement synaptic weight ...