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      New Halonotius Species Provide Genomics-Based Insights Into Cobalamin Synthesis in Haloarchaea  [Article]

      Ventosa Ucero, Antonio; Sánchez-Porro Álvarez, Cristina; Durán Viseras, Ana; Andrei, Adrian-Stefan (Frontiers Media, 2019)
      Hypersaline aquatic and terrestrial ecosystems display a cosmopolitan distribution. These environments teem with microbes and harbor a plethora of prokaryotic lineages that evaded ecological characterization due to the ...
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      Spatial distribution of prokaryotic communities in hypersaline soils  [Article]

      Vera Gargallo, Blanca; Roy Chowdhury, Taniya; Brown, Joseph; Fansler, Sarah J.; Durán Viseras, Ana; Sánchez-Porro Álvarez, Cristina; Ventosa Ucero, Antonio (Nature Research, 2019)
      Increasing salinization in wetland systems is a major threat to ecosystem services carried out by microbial communities. Thus, it is paramount to understand how salinity drives both microbial community structures and their ...