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      Halide encapsulation by dicarboxylate oxido-vanadium cage complexes  [Article]

      Gómez, Margarita; Pastor Navarro, Antonio; Álvarez González, Eleuterio; Olloqui Sariego, José Luis; Galindo del Pozo, Agustín (The Royal Society of Chemistry, 2018)
      Compounds [Bu4N]2[V8O16(oda)4⊂2Cl], 1, [Bu4N]2[V8O16(glut)4⊂2Cl], 2, and [Bu4N][V4O8(glut)2⊂F], 3, (oda = oxydiacetate, O(CH2COO)2 2−; glut = glutarate, CH2(CH2COO)2 2−) were obtained by a stepwise reaction of in situ ...
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      Key Role of the Local Hydrophobicity in the East Patch of Plastocyanins on Their Thermal Stability and Redox Properties  [Article]

      Olloqui Sariego, José Luis; Márquez Escudero, Juan Manuel; Frutos Beltrán, Estrella; Díaz Moreno, Irene; la Rosa Acosta, Miguel Ángel de; Calvente Pacheco, Juan José; Andreu Fondacabe, Rafael; Díaz Quintana, Antonio (American Chemical Society, 2019)
      Understanding the molecular basis of the thermal stability and functionality of redox proteins has important practical applications. Here, we show a distinct thermal dependence of the spectroscopic and electrochemical ...