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      Induced structures on slant submanifolds of metric F-manifolds  [Article]

      Fernández Fernández, Luis Manuel; Hans Uber, María Belén (Indian National Science Academy, 2008-10)
      We study whether it is possible to obtain an induced structure on a slant submanifold of a metric f-manifold. Moreover, we give conditions for any isometric immersion between two metric fmanifolds to be slant and we prove ...
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      Minimal slant submanifolds of the smallest dimension in S-manifolds  [Article]

      Carriazo Rubio, Alfonso; Fernández Fernández, Luis Manuel; Hans Uber, María Belén (European Mathematical Society, 2005)
      We study slant submanifolds of S-manifolds with the smallest dimension, specially minimal submanifolds and establish some relations between them and anti-invariant submanifolds in S-manifolds, similar to those ones proved ...
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      New relationships involving the mean curvature of slant submanifolds in S-space-forms  [Article]

      Fernández Fernández, Luis Manuel; Hans Uber, María Belén (Korean Mathematical Society, 2007)
      Relationships between the Ricci curvature and the squared mean curvature and between the shape operator associated with the mean curvature vector and the sectional curvature function for slant submanifolds of an S-space-form ...