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    • IconOn slant submanifolds of neutral Kaehler manifolds  [Article]

      Arslan, Kadri; Carriazo Rubio, Alfonso; Chen, Bang-Yen; Murathan, Cengizhan (Mathematical Society of the Republic of China, 2010-04)
      An indefinite Riemannian manifold is called neutral it its index is equal to one half of its dimension and an indefinite Kaehler manifold is called neutral Kaehler if its complex index is equal to the half of its complex ...
    • IconSome special types of developable ruled surface  [Article]

      Alegre Rueda, Pablo Sebastián; Arslan, Kadri; Carriazo Rubio, Alfonso; Murathan, Cengizhan; Özturk, Günay (Hacettepe University (Faculty of Science), 2010)
      In this study we consider the focal curve Cγ of a space curve γ and its focal curvatures. We characterize some special types of ruled surface, choosing one of the base curves or director curves as the focal curve of the ...
    • IconThe curvature tensor of (κ,μ,ν)-contact metric manifolds  [Article]

      Arslan, Kadri; Carriazo Rubio, Alfonso; Martín Molina, Verónica; Murathan, Cengizhan (Springer, 2015-07)
      We study the Riemann curvature tensor of (κ, µ, ν)-contact metric manifolds, which we prove to be completely determined in dimension 3, and we observe how it is affected by Da-homothetic deformations. This prompts the ...