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    • IconScattering of 8He on 208Pb at 22 MeV  [Presentation]

      Marquínez Durán, G.; Sánchez Benítez, A. M.; Martel, I.; Acosta, L.; Rusek, K.; González Álvarez, Marcos Aurelio; Berjillos, R.; Borge, M. J. G.; Chbihi, Abdelahad; Cruz, C.; Fernández García, Juan Pablo; Gómez Camacho, Joaquín José; Moro Muñoz, Antonio Matías (American Institute of Physics, 2013)
      The skin nucleus 8He is investigated by measuring the angular distribution of the elasticly scattered 8He and the 6,4He fragments produced in the collision with a 208Pb target at 22 MeV, just above the Coulomb barrier. The ...