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      Golgi structural stability and biogenesis depend on associated PKA activity  [Article]

      Bejarano Fernández, Eloy; Cabrera Sánchez, Margarita; Vega, Lucía; Hidalgo Jiménez, Josefina; Velasco López, Ángel (The Company of Biologists, 2006)
      The mammalian Golgi complex consists of stacks of cisternae linked laterally into a continuous perinuclear ribbon structure. Protein kinase A is stably associated with the Golgi complex during interphase. To analyze its ...
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      Trimeric G proteins modulate the dynamic interaction of PKAII with the Golgi complex  [Article]

      Martín Rubio, María Esther; Hidalgo Jiménez, Josefina; Vega, F.M.; Velasco López, Ángel (The Company of Biologists Ltd, 1999)
      The Golgi complex represents a major subcellular location of protein kinase A (PKA) concentration in mammalian cells where it has been previously shown to be involved in vesicle-mediated protein transport processes. We ...
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      Trimeric G proteins regulate the cytosol-induced redistribution of Golgi enzymes into the endoplasmic reticulum  [Article]

      Hidalgo Jiménez, Josefina; Muñiz Guinea, Manuel; Velasco López, Ángel (Company of Biologists Ltd, 1995)
      Streptolysin O-permeabilized cells incubated with a high concentration (5-10 mg/ml) of cytosolic proteins and ATPgenerating system exhibit redistribution into the endoplasmic reticulum (ER) of Golgi integral proteins ...