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      CombiS-BP Editor: Combining Declarative and Imperative Languages in BP Modelling, Demonstration paper  [Presentation]

      Parody Núñez, María Luisa; Gómez López, María Teresa; Martínez Gasca, Rafael; Varela Vaca, Ángel Jesús (IEEE Computer Society, 2013)
      Business Process models allow business experts to describe the activities that must be performed to achieve a defined goal. Several imperative standard languages have been created to describe both control-flow and ...
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      Diagnosing Errors in DbC Programs Using Constraint Programming  [Presentation]

      Ceballos Guerrero, Rafael; Martínez Gasca, Rafael; Valle Sevillano, Carmelo del; Borrego Núñez, Diana (Springer, 2005)
      Model-Based Diagnosis allows to determine why a correctly designed system does not work as it was expected. In this paper, we propose a methodology for software diagnosis which is based on the combination of Design by ...
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      Distributed Model-Based Diagnosis using Object-Relational Constraint Databases  [Presentation]

      Gómez López, María Teresa; Martínez Gasca, Rafael; Valle Sevillano, Carmelo del; Pozo Hidalgo, Sergio (IEEE Computer Society, 2006)
      This work presents a proposal to diagnose distributed systems utilizing model-based diagnosis using distributed databases. In order to improve aspects as versatility, persistence, easy composition and efficiency in the ...
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      DMN for Data Quality Measurement and Assessment  [Presentation]

      Valencia Parra, Álvaro; Parody Núñez, María Luisa; Varela Vaca, Ángel Jesús; Caballero, Ismael; Gómez López, María Teresa (Springer, 2019)
      Data Quality assessment is aimed at evaluating the suitability of a dataset for an intended task. The extensive literature on data quality describes the various methodologies for assessing data quality by means of data ...
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      Extending BPMN 2.0 for Modelling the Combination of Activities That Involve Data Constraints  [Presentation]

      Parody Núñez, María Luisa; Gómez López, María Teresa; Martínez Gasca, Rafael (Springer, 2012)
      The combination of activities to achieve optimal goals sometimes has a complex solution. Business Process Model and Notation (BPMN) 2.0 facilitates the modelling of business processes by providing new artifacts, such ...
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      Generating domain specific aspect code for navigation from platform specific models in MWACSL  [Presentation]

      Reina Quintero, Antonia María; Toro Bonilla, Miguel; Torres Valderrama, Jesús (SISTEDES: Ingeniería de Software y las Tecnologías de Desarrollo de Software, 2008)
      MWACSL1 is an Aspect-Oriented and Model-Driven approach for software development in the context of web applications. MWACSL uses domain specific aspect languages for dealing with the different aspects of a system. In ...
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      Improving the Computational Efficiency in Symmetrical Numeric Constraint Satisfaction Problems  [Presentation]

      Martínez Gasca, Rafael; Valle Sevillano, Carmelo del; Cejudo, V.; Barba Rodríguez, Irene (Springer, 2005)
      Models are used in science and engineering for experimentation, analysis, diagnosis or design. In some cases, they can be considered as numeric constraint satisfaction problems (NCSP). Many models are symmetrical NCSP. ...
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      PAIS-DQ: Extending Process-Aware Information Systems to support Data Quality in PAIS life-cycle  [Presentation]

      Parody Núñez, María Luisa; Gómez López, María Teresa; Bermejo, Isabel; Caballero, Ismael; Martínez Gasca, Rafael; Piattini Velthuis, Mario (IEEE Computer Society, 2016)
      The successful execution of a Business Process implies to use data with an adequate level of quality, thereby enabling the output of processes to be obtained in accordance with users requirements. The necessity to be ...
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      Process Instance Query Language to Include Process Performance Indicators in DMN  [Presentation]

      Pérez Álvarez, José Miguel; Gómez López, María Teresa; Parody Núñez, María Luisa; Martínez Gasca, Rafael (IEEE Computer Society, 2016)
      Companies are increasingly incorporating commercial Business Process Management Systems (BPMSs) as mechanisms to automate their daily procedures. These BPMSs manage the information related to the instances that flow ...
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      Querying a Polynomial Object-Relational Constraint Database in Model-Based Diagnosis  [Presentation]

      Gómez López, María Teresa; Martínez Gasca, Rafael; Valle Sevillano, Carmelo del; Rosa Troyano, Francisco Fernando de la (Springer, 2005)
      Many papers related to Constraint Databases (CDBs) theories exist, including proposals that present frameworks for the treatment of constraints as a new data type. Our proposal presents a new way of storing and manipulating ...
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      Supervised TextRank  [Presentation]

      Cruz Mata, Fermín; Troyano Jiménez, José Antonio; Enríquez de Salamanca Ros, Fernando (Springer, 2006)
      In this paper we investigate how to adapt the TextRank method to make it work in a supervised way. TextRank is a graph based method that applies the ideas of the ranking algorithm used in Google (PageRank) to Natural ...