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      Three methods for the parallel solution of a large, sparse system of linear equations by multiprocessors  [Presentation]

      Torralba Silgado, Antonio Jesús; Gómez Expósito, Antonio; García Franquelo, Leopoldo (C. Alvarez and P. Albertos, 1989)
      In this paper three methods for the parallel solution of large-scale, sparse, linear equation systems are presented and compared. Both, factorization of the matrix and forward backward. Processes have been considered. A ...
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      Wavelet-Fourier analysis of electric signal disturbances  [Presentation]

      Montaño Asquerino, Juan-Carlos; Borrás Talavera, M. Dolores; Bravo-Rodríguez, Juan Carlos; Castilla Ibáñez, Manuel; López Ojeda, Antonio; Gutiérrez Benítez, Jaime (ICREPQ, 2007)
      The Fourier transform usually has been used in the past for analysis of stationary and periodic signals. Its interest is the knowledge of spectral components existing in a waveform; it doesn't matter the moment where they ...