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      Growth regimes of porous gold thin films deposited by magnetron sputtering at oblique incidence: from compact to columnar microstructures  [Article]

      Álvarez Molina, Rafael; García Martín, José Miguel; Macías Montero, Manuel Jesús; González García, Lola; González, Juan Carlos; Romero Gómez, Pablo; Cotrino Bautista, José; Rodríguez González-Elipe, Agustín (Institute of Physics Publishing, 2013)
      Growth regimes of gold thin films deposited by magnetron sputtering at oblique angles and low temperatures are studied from both theoretical and experimental points of view. Thin films were deposited in a broad range of ...
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      El hacha pulimentada de jade de la colección Tubino (Museo Municipal, Valencina de la Concepción, Sevilla)  [Article]

      Odriozola Lloret, Carlos Patricio; Vargas Jiménez, Juan Manuel; Martínez Blanes, José María; García Sanjuán, Leonardo (Universidad de Sevilla, 2016)
      A pished axe donated to the Valencina de la Concepción Museum (Seville, Spain) in November 2010, and that had belonged to Francisco María Tubino y Oliva's (1833-1888) personal clection, is studied. Although the exact ...
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      Hallmarks of mechanochemistry: From nanoparticles to technology  [Article]

      Baláž, Peter; Achimovičová, M.; Baláž, Matej; Billik, P.; Cherkezova-Zheleva, Z.; Criado Luque, José Manuel; Delogu, F.; Dutková, Erika; Gotor Martínez, Francisco José; Kumar, R.; Wieczorek-Ciurowa, K. (Royal Society of Chemistry (Great Britain), 2013)
      The aim of this review article on recent developments of mechanochemistry (nowadays established as a part of chemistry) is to provide a comprehensive overview of advances achieved in the field of atomistic processes, phase ...
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      High and stable Co2 capture capacity of natural limestone at Ca-looping conditions by heat pretreatment and recarbonation synergy  [Article]

      Valverde Millán, José Manuel; Sánchez Jiménez, Pedro Enrique; Pérez Maqueda, Luis Allan (Elsevier, 2014)
      The Ca-looping (CaL) process, based on the multicyclic carbonation/ calcination of limestone derived CaO, has emerged recently as a potentially economically advantageous technology to achieve sustainable postcombustion and ...
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      High dynamic range adaptation for ROI tracking based on reconfigurable concurrent dual-sensing  [Article]

      Fernández Berni, Jorge; Carmona Galán, Ricardo; Río Fernández, Rocío del; Rodríguez Vázquez, Ángel Benito (Institution of Civil Engineers (Great Britain), 2014)
      A single-exposure technique to extend the dynamic range of vision sensors is presented. It is particularly suitable for vision algorithms requiring region-of-interest (ROI) tracking under varying illumination conditions. ...
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      High N-content a-C:N films elaborated by femtosecond PLD with plasma assistance  [Article]

      Sánchez López, Juan Carlos; Rojas Ruiz, Teresa Cristina; Maddi, C.; Loir, A.-S.; Tite, T.; Barnier, V.; Wolski, K.; Garrelie, F (Elsevier, 2015)
      Amorphous carbon nitride (a-C:N) thin films are a interesting class of carbon-based electrode materials. Therefore, synthesis and characterization of these materials have found lot of interest in environmental analytical ...
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      High temperature internal friction in a Tie46Ale1Moe0.2Si intermetallic, comparison with creep behaviour  [Article]

      Castillo Rodríguez, Miguel; Nó, M.L.; Jiménez, J.A.; Ruano, O.A.; San Juan, J. (Elsevier, 2016)
      Advanced g-TiAl based intermetallics Mo-bearing have been developed to obtain the fine-grained microstructure required for superplastic deformation to be used during further processing. In the present work we have studied ...
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      High temperature oxidation resistance of (Ti,Ta)(C,N)-based cermets  [Article]

      Chicardi Augusto, Ernesto; Gotor Martínez, Francisco José; Córdoba Gallego, José Manuel (Elsevier, 2016)
      Cermets based on titanium–tantalum carbonitride were oxidized in static air between 800 °C and 1100 °C for 48 h. The thermogravimetric and microstructural study showed an outstanding reduction in the oxidation of more than ...
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      High-temperature mechanical behavior of polycrystalline yttrium-doped barium cerate perovskite  [Article]

      Vaquero Aguilar, Cristina; López Robledo, Manuel Jesús; Martínez Fernández, Julián; Real Pérez, Concepción; Jiménez Melendo, Manuel (Elsevier, 2011)
      The high-temperature mechanical properties of the mixed ionic-electronic conductor perovskite BaCe0.95Y0.05O3-δ with average grain size of 0.40μm have been studied in compression between 1100 and 1300°C in air at different ...
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      Highly efficient perovskite solar cells with tunable structural color  [Article]

      Zhang, Wei; Anaya Martín, Miguel; Lozano Barbero, Gabriel Sebastián; Calvo Roggiani, Mauricio; Johnston, Michael B.; Míguez García, Hernán Ruy; Snaith, Henry J. (American Chemical Society, 2015)
      The performance of perovskite solar cells has been progressing over the past few years and efficiency is likely to continue to increase. However, a negative aspect for the integration of perovskite solar cells in the built ...
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      Hot-Pressing of (Ti, Mt)(C, N)-Co-Mo2C (Mt=Ta, Nb) powdered cermets synthesized by a mechanically induced self-sustaining reaction  [Article]

      Chicardi Augusto, Ernesto; Gotor Martínez, Francisco José; Córdoba Gallego, José Manuel; Medri, V.; Guicciardi, S.; Lascano, Sheila (Elsevier, 2016)
      A mechanically induced self-sustaining reaction (MSR) has been successfully employed for manufacturing powdered cermets based on Ti, Ti–Ta and Ti–Nb carbonitrides using Co as the binder phase and Mo2C as the sintering ...
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      Hydration and carbonation reactions of calcium oxide by weathering: Kinetics and changes in the nanostructure  [Article]

      Morales Flórez, Víctor; Santos Sánchez, Alberto; Romero Hermida, Isabel; Esquivias Fedriani, Luis María (Elsevier, 2015)
      The weathering reactions of hydration and carbonation of nanostructured calcium oxide with atmospheric moisture and carbon dioxide have been characterized. This work is the first-to-date combined kinetic and nanostructural ...
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      Hydrogen production by methanol steam reforming on NiSn/MgO-Al 2O3 catalysts: The role of MgO addition  [Article]

      Penkova, Anna Dimitrova; Bobadilla Baladrón, Luis Francisco; Ivanova, Svetlana; Domínguez Leal, María Isabel; Romero Sarria, Francisca; Roger, Anne-Cécile; Centeno Gallego, Miguel Ángel; Odriozola Gordón, José Antonio (Elsevier, 2011)
      The effect of the magnesia loading on the surface structure and catalytic properties of NiSn/MgO-Al2O3 catalysts for hydrogen production by methanol steam reforming has been investigated. The catalysts have been obtained ...
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      Hydrogen production through sodium borohydride ethanolysis  [Article]

      Arzac, G. M.; Fernández Camacho, María Asunción (Elsevier, 2015)
      In this work, sodium borohydride (SB) ethanolysis was explored for the first time as a method to generate hydrogen for Polymer Exchange Membrane Fuel Cells. Ethanolysis by-product was characterized by Fourier Transform ...
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      Hydrothermal preparation of highly photoactive TiO2 nanoparticles  [Article]

      Hidalgo López, María del Carmen; Maicu, Marina; Navío Santos, José Antonio; Colón Ibáñez, Gerardo; Aguilar Moncayo, Matilde;  (Elsevier, 2007)
      TiO2 nanoparticles have been prepared by amine assisted sol–gel precipitation of Ti4+ aqueous solutions and further hydrothermal treatment. The effect of different starting acidic solution (nitric, chlorhydric and acetic ...
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      Impact of hydrothermal treatment of FEBEX and MX80 bentonites in water, HNO3 and Lu(NO3)3 media: Implications for radioactive waste control  [Article]

      Alba Carranza, María Dolores; Pavón González, Esperanza; Cota Reguero, Agustín; Chain Villar, Pablo; Osuna, Francisco J. (Elsevier, 2015)
      Engineered barriers of deep geological repositories (DGR) are commonly constructed with bentonite. FEBEX and MX80 bentonites have been selected by different countries as reference materials for the sealing of repositories; ...
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      Impregnation of carbon black for the examination of colloids using TEM  [Article]

      Cervera Gontard, Lionel; Knappett, Benjamin R.; Wheatley, Andrew E.H.; Chang, Shery L.-Y; Fernández Camacho, Asunción (Elsevier, 2014)
      Nanoparticles are frequently synthesised as colloids, dispersed in solvents such as water, hexane or ethanol. For their characterisation by transmission electron microscopy (TEM), a drop of colloid is typically deposited ...
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      Improved O2 evolution from a water splitting reaction over Er3+ and Y3+ co-doped tetragonal BiVO4  [Article]

      Obregón Alfaro, Sergio; Colón Ibáñez, Gerardo (Royal Society of Chemistry, 2014)
      Erbium-yttrium co-doped BiVO4 with a tetragonal structure is synthesized by means of a surfactant free hydrothermal method. The studied photocatalyst shows good photoactivity under sun-like excitation for the degradation ...
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      Improved wear performance of ultra high molecular weight polyethylene coated with hydrogenated diamond like carbon  [Article]

      Puértolas, J. A.; Martínez Nogués, V.; Martínez Morlanes, M. J.; Mariscal, M. D.; Medel, F. J.; López Santos, Carmen; Yubero Valencia, Francisco (Elsevier, 2010)
      Hydrogenated diamond like carbon (DLCH) thin films were deposited on medical grade ultra high molecular weight polyethylene (UHMWPE) by radio frequency plasma enhanced chemical vapor deposition. The DLCH coating thicknesses ...
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      Improving the activity of gold nanoparticles for the water-gas shift reaction using TiO2–Y2O3: an example of catalyst design  [Article]

      Plata Ramos, José Javier; Romero Sarria, Francisca; Amaya Suárez, Javier; Márquez Cruz, Antonio Marcial; Laguna Espitia, Oscar Hernando; Odriozola Gordón, José Antonio; Fernández Sanz, Javier (The Royal Society of Chemistry, 2018)
      In the last ten years, there has been an acceleration in the pace at which new catalysts for the watergas shift reaction are designed and synthesized. Pt-based catalysts remain the best solution when only activity is ...