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      Complete characterizations of Kadec-Klee properties in Orlicz spaces  [Article]

      Domínguez Benavides, Tomás; Hudzik, Henryk; López Acedo, Genaro; Mastylo, Mieczyslaw; Sims, Brailey (University of Houston, 2003)
      We study the connections between the Kadec-Klee property for local convergence in measure H`, the Kadec-Klee property for global onvergence in measure Hg and the ∆2-condition for Orlicz function spaces Lϕ equipped with ...
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      The Hardy-Littlewood maximal type operators between Banach function spaces  [Article]

      Mastylo, Mieczyslaw; Pérez Moreno, Carlos (Indiana University, 2012)
      We investigate variants of the maximal operator and show their applications to study boundedness of the classical Hardy-Littlewood maximal operator between weighted Banach function spaces which satisfy certain geometrical ...