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      Understandings of scientific inquiry: an international collaborative investigation of seventh grade students  [Presentation]

      Lederman, Judith; Lederman, Norman; Bartels, Selina; Jimenez Pavez, Juan; Lavonen, Jari; Blanquet, Estelle; Neumann, Irene; Kremer, Kerstin; Mamlok-Naaman, Rachel; Blonder, Ron; Gaigher, Estelle; Hattingh, Anne-Marie; Hamed Al-Lai, Soraya; Lin, Sufen; Han-Tosunoglu, Cigdem; Yalaki, Yalcin (Dublin City University, 2017)
      Although understandings of scientific inquiry (as opposed to conducting inquiry) is included in science education reform documents around the world, little is known about what students have learned about inquiry during ...