NameRueda Rueda, José
DepartmentFísica Atómica, Molecular y Nuclear
Knowledge areaFísica Atómica, Molecular y Nuclear
Professional categoryPredoctoral PIF FPU Ministerio
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First measurements of a scintillator-based fast-ion loss detector in reversed Ip/Bt at the ASDEX Upgrade tokamak

Hidalgo Salaverri, Javier; Rueda Rueda, José; Galdón Quiroga, Joaquín; Cano Megías, Pilar; Viezzer, Eleonora; García Domínguez, Javier; Oyola Domínguez, Pablo; Ayllón Guerola, Juan Manuel; García Muñoz, Manuel; Happel, T. (Elsevier, 2023)
Fast-α losses in future fusion power plants are expected to follow the co- and counter-current directions due to the ...

Implementation of synthetic fast-ion loss detector and imaging heavy ion beam probe diagnostics in the 3D hybrid kinetic-MHD code MEGA

Oyola Domínguez, Pablo; González Martín, J.; García Muñoz, Manuel; Galdón Quiroga, Joaquín; Birkenmeier, G.; Viezzer, Eleonora; Domínguez-Palacios Durán, Jesús José; Rueda Rueda, José; Rivero Rodriguez, Juan Francisco; Todo, Y. (American Institute of Physics, 2021)
A synthetic fast-ion loss (FIL) detector and an imaging Heavy Ion Beam Probe (i-HIBP) have been implemented in the 3D ...

Design and simulation of an imaging neutral particle analyzer for the ASDEX Upgrade tokamak

Rueda Rueda, José; García Muñoz, Manuel; Viezzer, Eleonora; Schneider, P. A.; García Domínguez, J.; Ayllón Guerola, Juan Manuel; Galdón Quiroga, Joaquín; Herrmann, A.; Du, X. D.; Van Zeeland, M. A.; Oyola Domínguez, Pablo; Rodríguez Ramos, M. (American Institute of Physics, 2021)
An Imaging Neutral Particle Analyzer (INPA) diagnostic has been designed for the ASDEX Upgrade (AUG) tokamak. The AUG INPA ...
Final Degree Project

Feasibility study for a new imaging neutral particle analyser in the asdex upgrade tokamak

Rueda Rueda, José; García Muñoz, Manuel; Viezzer, Eleonora (2018)
Magnetically confined fusion plasmas are the prior candidate to achieve an operative fusion power plant. The confinement ...