NameVargas Martínez, Ana Magdalena
Knowledge areaEnfermería
Professional categoryProfesora Ayudante Doctora
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Effects of an educational intervention on nursing students' attitudes towards gypsy women: A non-randomized controlled trial

Diego Cordero, Rocío de; Tarriño Concejero, Lorena; Vargas Martínez, Ana Magdalena; García-Carpintero Muñoz, Mª Ángeles (Churchill Livingstone, 2022)
Background: The cultural differences between health professionals and patients, together with the ethnocentric opinions ...

Impact of the COVID-19 Pandemic and Psychosocial Coping Strategies in Health Sciences Students at the University of Seville: A Pilot Study

Diego Cordero, Rocío de; Martínez del Carmen, Cristina; Bonilla Sierra, Patricia; Vargas Martínez, Ana Magdalena (MDPI, 2021)
The new infection by coronavirus has supposed a challenge to all health systems worldwide, affecting our psychosocial ...

Implementation and Knowledge of the Clinical Practice Guide for Palliative Care in the Ecuadorian Primary Care Level

Rodríguez Quintana, Tamara; Davalos Batalla, Viviana; Vargas Martínez, Ana Magdalena; López, Lucelly; Bonilla Sierra, Patricia; Lomas Campos, María de las Mercedes; León Larios, Fátima (MDPI, 2021)
Ecuador assumed the commitment of including Palliative Care (PC) in its health policies. In 2014, the Ministry of Public ...

The suffering of advanced chronic renal patients and their relationship with symptoms in loja, ecuador

Bonilla Sierra, Patricia; Vargas Martínez, Ana Magdalena; León Larios, Fátima; Arciniega Carrión, Joselín Valeria; Jiménez Alverca, Tatiana Cecibel; Lomas Campos, María de las Mercedes; González López, José Rafael (MDPI, 2021)
Advanced Chronic Kidney Disease (ACKD) supposes a public health problem in Ecuador that requires a comprehensive approach. ...

Assessment of Ambivalent Sexism in University Students in Colombia and Spain: A Comparative Analysis

Rodríguez-Burbano, Aura Yolima; Cepeda, Isabel; Vargas Martínez, Ana Magdalena; Diego Cordero, Rocío de;  (MDPI, 2021)
Background: Gender-based violence has no geographical, personal, or social boundaries. It constitutes a serious public ...
PhD Thesis

Cost-effectiveness and cost-utility. Analysis of a web-based computer-tailored Programme for prevention of binge drinking in Adolescents: alerta alcohol project

Vargas Martínez, Ana Magdalena; Lima Serrano, Marta; Trapero Bertrán, Marta (2020)
Background: Alcohol abuse has been recognized as a global public health concern with high prevalence among adolescents, ...

Compassionate engagement and action in healthcare professions education: A cross-sectional study in an Ecuadorian University.

Davalos Batalla, Viviana; Vargas Martínez, Ana Magdalena; Bonilla Sierra, Patricia; León Larios, Fátima; Lomas Campos, María de las Mercedes; Vaca Gallegos, Silvia Libertad; Diego Cordero, Rocío de (2020)
Objective: This study aimed at exploring the compassion attitudes and needs for awareness and training related to a ...

Experimento didáctico en la asignatura Enfermería familiar y comunitaria

Vargas Martínez, Ana Magdalena (Universidad de Sevilla, 2018)
Esta comunicación presenta la puesta en marcha en el contexto de la docencia universitaria de un Ciclo de Mejora Docente ...