NameGallego Tévar, Blanca
DepartmentBiología Vegetal y Ecología
Knowledge areaEcología
Professional categoryTalento Doctores (PID Junta Andalucía)
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Transgenerational responses to climate change in Mediterranean annual species with contrasting functional strategies

Gallego Tévar, Blanca; Hidalgo Gálvez, María Dolores; Cambrollé Silva, Jesús; Martínez Muñoz, Marcelino; Villar Godoy, Alejandro; Pérez Ramos, Ignacio Manuel (Elsevier, 2022)
Increasing temperature and aridity predicted by climate change models in the Mediterranean region will pose a significant ...

Primary succession in an Atlantic salt marsh: From intertidal flats to mid-marsh platform in 35 years

Castillo Segura, Jesús Manuel; Gallego Tévar, Blanca; Castellanos, Eloy M.; Figueroa Clemente, Manuel Enrique; Davy, Anthony J. (Wiley-Blackwell, 2021)
Although salt marsh is a classic example of primary succession, the underlying mechanisms and their time-scales are poorly ...

From physiology to salt marsh management challenges with sea level rise: the case of native Spartina foliosa, invasive S. densiflora and their hybrid

Gallego Tévar, Blanca; Peinado Torrubia, Procopio; Álvarez Morales, Rosario; Grewell, Brenda J.; Castillo Segura, Jesús Manuel (Oxford University Press, 2020)
Sea level rise (SLR) imposes increasing salinity and inundation stresses in salt marshes which simultaneously face invasions ...

Interactive Effects of Salinity and Inundation on Native Spartina Foliosa, Invasive S. Densiflora and their Hybrid from San Francisco Estuary, California

Gallego Tévar, Blanca; Grewell, Brenda J.; Futrell, Caryn J.; Drenovsky, Rebecca E.; Castillo Segura, Jesús Manuel (Oxford University Press, 2020)
• Background and Aims Sea level rise (SLR) associated with climate change is intensifying permanent submersion and salinity ...
PhD Thesis

Los híbridos de quenopodiáceas y gramíneas halófitas, su papel en la estructuración y el funcionamiento de los ecosistemas de marismas.

Gallego Tévar, Blanca; Castillo Segura, Jesús Manuel; Figueroa Clemente, Manuel Enrique (2019)

Some Like It Hot: Maternal-Switching With Climate Change Modifies Formation of Invasive Spartina Hybrids

Gallego Tévar, Blanca; Infante Izquierdo, María D.; Figueroa Clemente, Manuel Enrique; Jiménez Nieva, Francisco Javier; Muñoz Rodríguez, Adolfo Francisco; Grewell, Brenda J.; Castillo Segura, Jesús Manuel (Frontiers Media, 2019)
Climate change can induce temporary, spatial or behavioral changes in species, so that only some species can adapt to the ...

Transgressivity in Key Functional Traits Rather Than Phenotypic Plasticity Promotes Stress Tolerance in A Hybrid Cordgrass

Gallego Tévar, Blanca; Grewell, Brenda J.; Drenovsky, Rebecca E.; Castillo Segura, Jesús Manuel (MDPI, 2019)
Hybridization might promote offspring fitness via a greater tolerance to environmental stressors due to heterosis and ...

Low genetic diversity contrasts with high phenotypic variability in heptaploid Spartina densiflora populations invading the Pacific coast of North America

Castillo Segura, Jesús Manuel; Gallego Tévar, Blanca; Figueroa Clemente, Manuel Enrique; Grewell, Brenda J.; Vallet, Dominique; Salmon, Armel (Wiley Open Access, 2018)
Species can respond to environmental pressures through genetic and epigenetic changes and through phenotypic plasticity, ...

Phenotypic plasticity of polyploid plant species promotes transgressive behaviour in their hybrids

Gallego Tévar, Blanca; Rubio Casal, Alfredo Emilio; Cires Segura, Alfonso de; Figueroa Clemente, Manuel Enrique; Castillo Segura, Jesús Manuel (Oxford University Press, 2018)
Hybridization is a frequent process that leads to relevant evolutionary consequences, but there is a lack of studies ...