NameCeballos Romero, Elena
DepartmentFísica Aplicada II
Knowledge areaFísica Aplicada
Professional categoryPosdoctoral Marie Curie
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Revisiting five decades of 234Th data: a comprehensive global oceanic compilation

Ceballos Romero, Elena; Buesseler, Ken O.; Villa Alfageme, María (Copernicus Publications, 2022)
We present here a global oceanic compilation of 234Th measurements that collects results from researchers and laboratories ...

Arctic observations identify phytoplankton community composition as driver of carbon flux attenuation

Wiedmann, I.; Ceballos Romero, Elena; Villa Alfageme, María; Renner, A.H.H.; Dybwad, C.; Van der Jagt, H.; Svensen, C.; Assmy, P.; Wiktor, J.M.; Tatarek, A.; Różańska-Pluta, M.; Iversen, M.H. (Wiley, 2020)
he attenuation coefficient bis one of the most common ways to describe how strong the carbonflux is attenuated throughout ...
PhD Thesis

Study of the key processes in the export and storage of carbon in the oceans through radioactive pairs: 234Th-238U and 210Po-210Pb

Ceballos Romero, Elena; Le Moigne, Frederic; Soto Borrero, Feliciano Carlos de; Villa Alfageme, María (2019)

234Th-derived particle fluxes and seasonal variability: when is the ss assumption reliable? Insights from a novel Approach for carbon flux simulation

Ceballos Romero, Elena; Soto, Feliciano de; Le Moigne, Frederic; García-Tenorio García-Balmaseda, Rafael; Villa Alfageme, María (AGU Publications, 2018)
Th measurements are widely used to estimate the downward carbon flux of particles via the oceanic Biological Pump. Carbon ...

Geographical, seasonal, and depth variation in sinking particle speeds in the North Atlantic

Villa Alfageme, María; Soto, Feliciano de; Ceballos Romero, Elena; Giering, Sarah; Le Moigne, Frederic; Henson, Stephanie; Mas, Jose Luis; Sanders, Richard (AGU Publications, 2016)
Particle sinking velocity is considered to bea controlling factor for carbon transport to the deep sea and thus carbon ...

What causes the inverse relationship between primary production and export efficiency in the Southern Ocean?

Le Moigne, Frédéric A. C.; Henson, Stephanie A.; Cavan, Emma; Georges, Clément; Pabortsava, Katsiaryna; Achterberg, Eric P.; Ceballos Romero, Elena; Zubkov, Mike; Sanders, Richard J. (Wiley, 2016)
The ocean contributes to regulating atmospheric CO2 levels, partly via variability in the fraction of primary production ...