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Estudios de replicación, pre-registros y ciencia abierta en Psicología


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Author: García Garzón, Eduardo
Lecuona, Óscar
Carbajal, Guillermo V.
Date: 2018
Published in: Apuntes de Psicología, 36 (1-2), 75-83.
Document type: Article
Abstract: En los últimos años, la Psicología ha sufrido una crisis de confianza. Esta crisis, marcada por la evidencia de que una gran parte de los efectos científicos publicados en la literatura no eran replicables, tiene varias causas: primero, la existen...
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Over the last years, Psychology has experienceda “confidence crisis”. This crisis, prompted by the inability to replicate a significant proportion of scientific published effects, has several causes: First, the existence of an inadequate system of incentives to progress in the academic career. Second, the extensive use of questionable research practices. Third, the limited use of good scientific praxis methods that could control the later (i.e., pre-registered and replication studies and open science frameworks). This article features an exhaustive review in Spanish of both, the aforementioned causes and solutions proposed by the scientific community as of yet. Lastly, a proposal for introducing these solutions in the academic curriculum of psychology students is presented. Accordingly, a project-based learning built on replication studies, including pre-registered protocols and open science usage, is proposed.
Cite: García Garzón, E., Lecuona, Ó. y Carbajal, G.V. (2018). Estudios de replicación, pre-registros y ciencia abierta en Psicología. Apuntes de Psicología, 36 (1-2), 75-83.
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