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Perfil psicológico de la obesidad mórbida


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Author: Lorence Lara, Bárbara
Department: Universidad de Sevilla. Departamento de Psicología Evolutiva y de la Educación
Date: 2008
Published in: Apuntes de Psicología, 26 (1), 51-68.
Document type: Article
Abstract: Este estudio tiene por objetivos detectar las características psicológicas de un grupo de pacientes con obesidad mórbida (IMC≥40); así como analizar si la edad de inicio de la enfermedad determina el perfil psicológico de la persona obesa. Los res...
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This study has a main aims to detect the characteristics psychological of a groups of patients with morbid obesity (IMC≥40), and analyze if the onset disease age is a variable determining in the features psychological obese. Results reflect that the morbidly obese persons are conscious of their disease but they aren’t of their gravity, furthermore, they don’t feel responsibility of their health. In accordance with other research, this dates shows the comorbidity between this disease and Dependent and Compulsive personalities disorders, nevertheless, it is not possible to establish a typical pattern of psychiatry specify for these patients. Also, dates reveal as the onset obesity age has a fundamental role in the configuration of feature psychological. the individuals with an onset obesity early has a pattern of personality more unfavourable for adhere a medic or psychological treatment, complicating their recuperation.
Cite: Lorence Lara, B. (2008). Perfil psicológico de la obesidad mórbida. Apuntes de Psicología, 26 (1), 51-68.
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