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Diseño de sistema de dirección steer-by-wire para Renault Twizy


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Author: Bermúdez Liaño, Álvaro
Director: Bordons Alba, Carlos
Wideberg, Johan
Department: Universidad de Sevilla. Departamento de Ingeniería de Sistemas y Automática
Date: 2018
Document type: Final Degree Work
Academic Title: Universidad de Sevilla. Grado en Ingeniería de Tecnologías Industriales
Abstract: En el presente trabajo se pretende abordar el diseño de un mecanismo de dirección tipo steer-by-wire. Se tratará la cinemática del mecanismo, la elección del actuador y cálculo de elementos de máquinas necesarios para el funcionamiento. Para empeza...
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Among these pages the reader will find a steer-by-wire steering system design for Renault Twizy. All kinematics, actuator selection and needed machine components design will be treated. First of all an overview of the vehicle’s features and data sheet will be made in order to justify applying such technology. In second place a choice will be made on which steering mechanism will be used among all the traditional ones. Then a kinematic model has been set to study the impact of different bar dimensions on the system’s behavior. This has lead to a compromise solution based on the steering error and force generated by the actuator, obtaining a system as compact and cheap as possible. All components have been designed following an infinite life criteria so that vehicle’s lifespan is exceeded. Calculations and kinematic simulation have been acquired thanks to a collection of Matlab scripts that are provided at the end of this project.
Cite: Bermúdez Liaño, Á. (2018). Diseño de sistema de dirección steer-by-wire para Renault Twizy. (Trabajo Fin de Grado Inédito). Universidad de Sevilla, Sevilla.
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