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Título alternativo: Hume on Miracles
Author: Sanfélix Vidarte, Vicente
Tienda Palop, Lidia
Date: 2018
Published in: Araucaria, 40, 269-284.
Document type: Article
Abstract: La tesis sostenida por David Hume en su ensayo sobre los milagros, contenida en el capítulo X de su primera Investigación, ha sido objeto continuo de interés. Sus detractores han sostenido que el conjunto del argumento de Hume fracasa. Tras reconst...
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David Hume’s thesis on miracles, sustained in the X chapter of his first Enquiry, has been object of permanet interest. His detractors have maintained that Hume’s whole argument fails. After reconstructing the two arguments provided by Hume –a priori argument and a posteriori argument– we propose to set the distinction between miracles n (extraordinary natural events) and miracles r (extraordinary events with religious significance) to conclude that Hume’s argument justifies scepticism about the last ones. In short, Hume’s argument, far from claiming to prove the nonexistence of miracles as a factum within the natural order ultimately, is intended to demarcate the distinction between scientific beliefs and religious beliefs as two realms that must be considered separately. This differentiation has decisively contributed to shaping the separation between Science and Religion proper to contemporary secularized societies.
Cite: Sanfélix Vidarte, V. y Tienda Palop, L. (2018). Hume sobre los milagros. Araucaria, 40, 269-284.
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