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A tecnologia da informação na administração municipal de fortaleza


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Author: Junior, José Carlito de Oliveira
Coordinator/Director: Díez de Castro, Enrique Carlos
Brândao, Elísio
Date: 2005
ISBN/ISSN: 84-96378-10-1
Document type: Presentation
Abstract: This article is a application about importance that eletronic information represents to brazilian govern, especially, close to municipal district Fortaleza. Through of research in a Regional Executive Secretary of Municipal District Fortaleza was observed a introduce of the information based in system of the informatic. The object of the article is primely to show that Public Govern is interessed in to permit that your citizens know how has been the decisions and, then, they can take part in of this govern’s transparency. The Municipal District Fortaleza walks toward to rearrangement of your govern and has utilized the technologic system of information to make sure that process. It´s prominent that the conditions of municipal govern aren’t too good. There is a very precariousness of budget and so Fortaleza town hall hasn’t got to advance very much, however, that has hard-working for to warranty a govern too better.
Cite: Junior, J.C.d.O. (2005). A tecnologia da informação na administração municipal de fortaleza. En Cities in competition. XV Spanish-Portuguese Meeting of Scientific Management (217-225), Sevilla: Universidad de Sevilla.
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