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Gestão de recursos humanos e responsabilidade social das empresas


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Author: Carvalho, Daniela de
Coordinator/Director: Díez de Castro, Enrique Carlos
Brândao, Elísio
Date: 2005
ISBN/ISSN: 84-96378-10-1
Document type: Presentation
Abstract: This paper discusses the relationship between Human Resource Management and Corporate Social Responsibility. It begins by addressing the current need to redefine HRM to meet challenges brought about by competition-induced global changes in employment patterns. After a brief retrospect of HRM growth, some contributions to the redefinition of HRM are presented. The business case for Corporate Social Responsibility and Corporate Citizenship has led to a view of employees as key stakeholders in corporate success. The argument is that commitment to CSR has positive effects on employee motivation and work satisfaction. A review of empirical studies shows that in this respect the CSR agenda is in fact largely coextensive with HR ‘good practices’. In spite of this joint concern, HRM has yet to play a significant role in either recognizing or implementing the CSR dimension to employee welfare.
Cite: Carvalho, D.d. (2005). Gestão de recursos humanos e responsabilidade social das empresas. En Cities in competition. XV Spanish-Portuguese Meeting of Scientific Management (317-324), Sevilla: Universidad de Sevilla.
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