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Autor: Durán Olivencia, Francisco José
Pontiga Romero, Francisco de Paula
Castellanos Mata, Antonio
Departamento: Universidad de Sevilla. Departamento de Física Aplicada II
Universidad de Sevilla. Departamento de Electrónica y Electromagnetismo
Fecha: 2014
Publicado en: Journal of Physics: Conference Series, 490
Tipo de documento: Artículo
Resumen: The problem of the propagation of an electrical discharge between a spherical electrode and a plane has been solved by means of finite element methods (FEM) using a fluid approximation and assuming weak ionization and local equilibrium with the electric field. The numerical simulation of this type of problems presents the usual difficulties of convection-diffusion-reaction problems, in addition to those associated with the nonlinearities of the charged species velocities, the formation of steep gradients of the electric field and particle densities, and the coexistence of very different temporal scales. The effect of using different temporal discretizations for the numerical integration of the corresponding system of partial differential equations will be here investigated. In particular, the so-called -methods will be used, which allows to implement implicit, semi-explicit and fully explicit schemes in a simple way.
Cita: Durán Olivencia, F.J., Pontiga Romero, F.d.P. y Castellanos Mata, A. (2014). Numerical Modelling of Electrical Discharges. Journal of Physics: Conference Series, 490
Tamaño: 420.4Kb
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DOI: 10.1088/1742-6596/490/1/012209

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