Opened Access UG or not UG: Where is Recursion?
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Author: Atkinson, Martin
Al-Mutairi, Fahad
Date: 2012
Published in: Iberia: An International Journal of Theoretical Linguistics, 4 (1), 35-60.
Document type: Article
Abstract: The operation Merge, applying to two syntactic objects to produce a third and instantiating the property of recursion, has been a fundamental and largely uncontroversial feature in the development of the Minimalist Programme. In early formulation...
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La operación Merge, aplicada a dos objetos sintácticos para producir un tercero, y ejemplificando así la propiedad de la recursividad, ha venido siendo un rasgo fundamental y ampliamente aceptado en el desarrollo del Programa Minimalista. En sus ...
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A operação Compor, aplicada a dois objetos sintáticos para produzir um terceiro e instanciar a propriedade de recursividade, tem sido uma característica fundamental e indiscutível ao longo do desenvolvimento do Programa Minimalista. Nas primeiras...
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Cite: Atkinson, M. y Al-Mutairi, F. (2012). UG or not UG: Where is Recursion?. Iberia: An International Journal of Theoretical Linguistics, 4 (1), 35-60.
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