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Fumador pasivo : efectos dentales y orales


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Author: Santos Serrano, Ángela
Director: Santos Serrano, Ángela
Machuca Portillo, María del Carmen
Department: Universidad de Sevilla. Departamento de Estomatología
Date: 2016
Document type: Final Degree Work
Abstract: El fumador pasivo es aquella persona que a pesar de no ser fumadora, respira el humo de tabaco ajeno, inhalando sus compuestos tóxicos, los cuales son perjudiciales para la salud oral y sistémica de nuestro organismo. Los objetivos de este estudio h...
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Passive smoking is the person who in spite of not being a smoker, breathe secondhand smoke, inhaling its toxic compounds, which are harmful for the oral health and systemic of our body. The objectives of this study have been: to know the oral and dental effects that affect the passive smoker and the realization of an extensive literature review of the most recent research conducted on the passive smoking and oral health.As materials have been used books and magazines medical and dental from databases such as Pubmed, Scopus, WOS and Google Scholar. As a method, searches have been carried out using several terms and boolean operators, using a search according to levels of evidence.It should be noted that passive smoking is a risk factor for any people, adults and children and that factors such as the concentration of environmental tobacco, oral hygiene, education, socio-economic factors and among of others can affect an increase of these oral and systemic effects
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