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Transforming 3D cartesian into geodetic coordinates


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Author: Díaz-Toca, Gema
Necula, Ioana
Department: Universidad de Sevilla. Departamento de Matemática Aplicada I (ETSII)
Date: 2017
Published in: Congreso Español de Informática Gráfica (27º.2017. Sevilla) (2017)
Document type: Presentation
Abstract: Transformationbetweengeodeticcoordinates(φ,λ,h)(geodeticlattitudeφ,geodeticlongitudeλandellipsoidal/geodeticheight h) and cartesian coordinates has been studied over the years, being a subject of interest in many fields as Geodesy, Aerospace Engineering, Building Engineering, Architecture etc. Most recent works related to this topic present iterative methods for the transformation on a biaxial or triaxial ellipsoid. Our ongoing approach consists in developping a method which directly perform the transformation from 3D cartesian coordinates into geodetic coordinates by using Computer Algebra techniques (mainly Gröbner bases). The celestial bodies considered in our numerical tests are Moon, Io, Europa, Mimas and Enceladus. The method we are developping is going to be implemented in the Computer Algebra System Maple, together with the iterative methods above mentioned, in order to adequately compare their efficiency.
Cite: Díaz-Toca, G. y Necula, I. (2017). Transforming 3D cartesian into geodetic coordinates.
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