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Título alternativo: Ideology and ideological aversion
Author: Manzano Arrondo, Vicente
Department: Universidad de Sevilla. Departamento de Psicología Experimental
Date: 2017
Document type: Article
Abstract: La ideología es un concepto controvertido que genera actitudes muy diversas. Este trabajo propone el constructo “aversión ideológica” para describir una de esas reacciones. La aversión ideológica consiste en la combinación de dos componentes: re...
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Ideology is a controversial concept which generates very different attitudes. This paper proposes the construct “ideological aversion” to describe one of those reactions. The ideological aversion is a combination of two components: rejection of ideologies, and defense of purely technical policy actions. Previously, ideology is defined as a way of seeing, prefer, and act in the world, which arises from the relationship between two dimensions: social frames and needs. The ideological aversion also responds to a way of being in the world, which keeps social performances and satisfy psychological needs. This document also provides an instrument to measure the concept. The questionnaire consists of ten items, five for each of the two components of the ideological aversion. It has been constructed from an on line sample of n = 650, and has been tested in a face-to-face sample of n = 340, showing good psychometric characteristics.
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DOI: 10.3989/ris.2017.

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