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Planteamientos conceptuales del sujeto en el entorno virtual


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Título alternativo: Conceptual approaches of the subjet to the virtual environment
Author: Corral Cañas, Celia
Date: 2016
Published in: Anduli, 15, 53-64.
Document type: Article
Abstract: El sujeto virtual que circula por la red y habita sus distintas regiones tiene la oportunidad de reproducir su propia identidad o de generar máscaras desde la cuales actuar y conocer a otros internautas. Ante el clima de aparente libertad del nuevo ...
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The virtual subject that circulates through network and lives their spaces has the opportunity to play his own identity or create masks from which to act and to meet other surfers. In the environment of apparent freedom of the new electronic medium, the possibilities of narrative representations fluctuate from the invisibility, masking and disguise, to the more “extimist” hypervisibility, going through all kinds of gradations of autofiction and collective identities. The present article analyzes different approaches of contemporary intellectuals with the aim of showing a panoramic view on the representation of the subject in the digital environment. The methodology for this study is the exploration of the different points of view from a practical and theoretical perspective. The results confirm the diversity of modes of identity generation in the internet network and the tendency to real or autofictional representations with the consequent exhibition of the identity.
Cite: Corral Cañas, C. (2016). Planteamientos conceptuales del sujeto en el entorno virtual. Anduli, 15, 53-64.
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DOI: 10.12795/anduli.2016.i15.03

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