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Análisis de propuestas ciudadanas en presupuestos participativos


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Título alternativo: Analysis of citizen proposals in participatory budgeting
Author: Barragán Robles, Vicente
Sanz Alcántara, José Manuel
Romero, Rafael
Date: 2016
Published in: Anduli, 15, 33-62.
Document type: Article
Abstract: Las prácticas de participación ciudadana que pretenden profundizar en la calidad de las democracias están el centro del debate político, fue uno de las reclamaciones principales del movimiento 15 M y de lo que se viene a llamando “nueva política”. U...
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The Citizen participation practices that pretend to deepen on the quality of democracies are in the center of political debate, it was one of the main claims of the movement 15 M and that is being called “new policy”. One of the practices able to respond to this demand are participatory budgets. The study presents a series of indicators that let analyze comparatively participative experiences, from a critical view of the idea of participation, quality of life and local development, with the intention to move beyond case studies or differences in institutional designs. It contributes a methodology of analysis of processes, focusing on citizens’ proposals as a starting point to know the cities models that are taking shape as from the citizenship as from the public administrations and see in this way the possibilities of social transformation through the elaboration of public policies from the social participation.
Cite: Barragán Robles, V., Sanz Alcántara, J.M. y Romero, R. (2016). Análisis de propuestas ciudadanas en presupuestos participativos. Anduli, 15, 33-62.
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DOI: 10.12795/anduli.2016.i15.02

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