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Author: Tropiano, Ydangely
Date: 2017
Published in: Revista Internacional de la Protección Social, 2 (1), 91-101.
Document type: Article
Abstract: La Seguridad Social tiene como objetivo el desarrollo del trabajo decente, donde el trabajo ha constituido un factor social de fortalecimiento entre las naciones, surgiendo entre países lazos de cooperación en el marco de la globalización, que ha co...
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Social Security aims at the development of decent work, where work has been a social factor of strengthening among nations, emerging between countries ties of cooperation in the framework of globalization, which has contributed to the promotion of regulations aimed at social protection of workers and their families. Thus, in the pursuit of decent work for migrant workers and those dependent on them, arises in 2007, the Latin American Multilateral Agreement on Social Security, signed in Santiago, Chile, in Article 34, provides languages the agreement is adopted, comprising Spanish and Portuguese, where the copies to be issued in the aforementioned languages are equally authentic; however in international relations have emerged dilemmas regarding the interpretation of treaties or agreements whose texts are of two or more languages, of which a conflict should apply the methods and principles of interpretation in doubt on the applicability of provisions.
Cite: Tropiano, Y. (2017). Artículo 34. Idiomas. Revista Internacional de la Protección Social, 2 (1), 91-101.
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DOI: 10.12795/e-RIPS

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