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El uso educativo de la Lengua de Signos Española (LSE) y su problemática


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Título alternativo: The educational use of Spanish Sign Language (SSL) and its problematic
Author: Rodríguez Ortiz, Isabel de los Reyes
Mora Roche, Joaquín
Department: Universidad de Sevilla. Departamento de Psicología Evolutiva y de la Educación
Date: 2007
Published in: Revista de educación, 342, 419-441.
Document type: Article
Abstract: En la última década se ha producido en España un notable avance en el reconocimiento de las posibilidades de la Lengua de Signos Española (LSE) como lengua de comunicación dentro del sistema educativo. Sin embargo, estos avances contrastan con el ...
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Over the last decade a significant progress has been made towards acknowledging the possibilities of the Spanish Sign Language (SSL) becoming a language for communication within an educational context. However, this progress contrasts with the low level of SSL command with which deaf young people enter secondary schools, as a result of 95% of parents being able to hear and not being familiar with SSL,and of primary centres being mainly and exclusively exposed to oral language. In these circumstances, it is fair to ask to what extent the late and informal SSL learning may affect its use as a transmission vehicle of knowledge. In order to answer these questions, a study evaluating the SSL understanding of a group of deaf people familiar with SSL (both native and non-native in SSL) is presented. A number of educational practical implications can be drawn from it.
Cite: Rodríguez Ortiz, I.d.l.R. y Mora Roche, J. (2007). El uso educativo de la Lengua de Signos Española (LSE) y su problemática. Revista de educación, 342, 419-441.
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