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Patrimonio cultural y desarrollo regional


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Author: Caravaca Barroso, Inmaculada
Colorado Campos, David
Fernández Salinas, Víctor
Paneque Salgado, Pilar
Puente Asuero, Raúl
Department: Universidad de Sevilla. Departamento de Geografía Humana
Date: 1996
Published in: Eure: revista latinoamericana de estudios urbano regionale, 22 (66), 89-99.
Document type: Article
Abstract: Around the beginning of 70’s, the worldwide economy is experimenting series of transformations which implies a real mutation of the social an economical reality, a dominant reality up to now. The growing interdependence, among nations, regions and cities, makes necessary search advantages that permit every ambit to compete in a global economy more and more, it demands a better profit of proper benefits or resources. In this context, apparently convenient, just as in this article is carried out, a reflection about the role of the cultural patrimony as a development factor and its possible incidence in the territorial structures.
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