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Guarding art galleries by guarding witnesses


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Opened Access Guarding art galleries by guarding witnesses
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Author: Chwa, Kyung-Yong
Jo, Byung-Cheol
Knauer, Christian
Moet, Esther
Van Oostrum, René
Shin, Chan-Su
Date: 2004
Document type: Presentation
Abstract: Let P be a simple polygon. We de ne a witness set W to be a set of points su h that if any (prospective) guard set G guards W, then it is guaranteed that G guards P . We show that not all polygons admit a nite witness set. If a fi nite minimal witness set exists, then it cannot contain any witness in the interior of P ; all witnesses must lie on the boundary of P , and there an be at most one witness in the interior of any edge. We give an algorithm to compute a minimal witness set for P in O(n2 log n) time, if such a set exists, or to report the non-existence within the same time bounds. We also outline an algorithm that uses a witness set for P to test whether a (prospective) guard set sees all points in P.
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