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Intersubjetividad, interculturalidad y política


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Título alternativo: Intersubjectivity, interculturality and politics
Author: San Martín, Javier
Date: 2015
Published in: THÉMATA. Revista de Filosofía, 52, 129-145.
Document type: Article
Abstract: En el presente trabajo se trata de explicitar, desde la intersubjetividad propia de la fenomenología, el contenido de la interculturalidad. Para ello se elucida, en primer lugar, la relación de la fenomenología con la intersubjetividad. Se ve en seg...
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The paper intends to develop the meaning of multiculturalism from the notion of intersubjectivity of the phenomenology. For doing it first of all the relation of the phenomenology and intersubjectivity is elucidated. Secondly it is explored to what extent this point crosses a historical notion of subjectivity, to the point that history is inherent to it. From this point of view, phenomenology involves a philosophy of history in which the genesis and development of philosophy is understood from the ethnological horizon. Then multiculturalism is shown as the concept that thinks the last stage of our history and thought now from Kant’s categories about the position of philosophy, as the creation of a moral space in which we as co-constituent subjects of the world are responsible for present and future others. The paper is based primarily on the biographical development of these issues.
Cite: San Martín, J. (2015). Intersubjetividad, interculturalidad y política. THÉMATA. Revista de Filosofía, 52, 129-145.
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DOI: 10.12795/themata.2015.i52.07

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