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Women’s Network behind Frances Perkins’s Appointment


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Author: Torres, Catalina
Date: 2015
Published in: Revista de Estudios Norteamericanos, 19, 151-166.
Document type: Article
Abstract: This article explores and analyses a particular group of middle-class social reformers who, sharing a mutual kinship directed towards social welfare during the Progressive era, achieved political prominence during the New Deal period, developing powerful networks as a means of transcending and defying the limited domestic sphere, and acquiring a larger voice in the public arena, a male-dominated realm for years. Looking back to the first women’s groups from the antebellum period to demonstrate the origin of the first political organization and the outset of a new concept about female friendship, this article maintains the hypothesis that Frances Perkins’s unprecedented appointment as the first female Secretary of Labor in 1933 was due to a two-fold reason: the response Florence Kelley aroused in her and the women’s web tactics, having Mary Dewson at the center, to deconstruct the politics of the time empowering her in an androcentric world. El presente artículo explora un grupo minoritario de mujeres reformistas de clase media, las cuales, unidas por una afinidad mutua basada en el bienestar social durante la época Progresista, lograron alcanzar prominencia política durante el período ...
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Cite: Torres, C. (2015). Women’s Network behind Frances Perkins’s Appointment. Revista de Estudios Norteamericanos, 19, 151-166.
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