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La comunicación turística de Benidorm. 2007-2011


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Título alternativo: Benidorm tourism communication from 2007 to 2001
Author: Fernández Poyatos, María Dolores
Aguirregoitia Martínez, Ainhoa
Coordinator/Director: Jiménez Caballero, José Luis
Date: 2013
Published in: Turismo e innovación: VI jornadas de investigación en turismo (2013), p 169-184
ISBN/ISSN: 978-84-95499-96-7
Document type: Presentation
Abstract: El propósito de este trabajo es analizar las acciones de comunicación turística de Benidorm (publicidad y relaciones públicas) llevadas a cabo por su ayuntamiento desde 2007 hasta 2011. En concreto, lo que se pretende conocer es qué acciones d...
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The purpose of this paper is to analyze the actions of Benidorm tourism promotion (advertising and PR) implemented by the City Council of Benidorm from 2007-2011. Specifically, what we want to know is what is driving promotion recognition, both nationally and internationally from Benidorm to continue between the third and fourth in the Spanish ranking in terms of tourist arrivals, despite being a travesando the period of greatest crisis of modern times. For this purpose, the methodology can be divided into two sections; quantitative, with secondary data source as INE, Habitur, Familitur, IET and Frontur, and qualitative primary data sources through personal interviews and secondary data derived from studies directly related to the subject of analysis. In conclusion, we emphasize the use of resources and enhanced communication through the Internet in response to deep cuts in the promotional budget.
Cite: Fernández Poyatos, M.D. y Aguirregoitia Martínez, A. (2013). La comunicación turística de Benidorm. 2007-2011. En Turismo e innovación: VI jornadas de investigación en turismo (169-184), Sevilla: Facultad de Turismo y Finanzas.
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