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Geophotopedia: geografía y fotografía en el contexto 2.0


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Título alternativo: Geophotopedia: Geography and photography in the 2.0 context
Author: Palacios Guerrero, José Luís
Jover Báez, Jaime
Sánchez Escalera, Daniel
Fraile Jurado, Pablo
Department: Universidad de Sevilla. Departamento de Geografía Humana
Universidad de Sevilla. Departamento de Geografía Física y Análisis Geográfico Regional
Date: 2016
Published in: Ar@cne, 207.
Document type: Article
Abstract: Geophotopediaes un repositorio fotográfico con contenido geográfico creado dentro de la biblioteca de los departamentos de Geografía de la Universidad de Sevilla en 2012. El propósito de este repositorio es ofrecer imágenes selectas y de alta calida...
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Geophotopediais a photograph repository with Geographic content created within the Library of the Departments of Geography at Universidad de Sevilla in 2012. The aim is to offer selected and high quality pictures that are labelled with concepts so that the information gains strength: classifying all sort of geographic phenomena as well as helping users to search based on content and/or location. The project uses ICTs to spread geographical knowledge across the globalized society modifying slightly the ways of understanding Geography in its didactics. Geophotopedia underpins in the ‘Open Science’ School of thought, which seeks for a combination of flexible and at the same time rigorous, accessible to everyone knowledge; therefore embedded in the free culture stream. For this reason, the repository uses the free platform and all its photographs are protected under Creative Commons licenses.
Cite: Palacios Guerrero, J.L., Jover Báez, J., Sánchez Escalera, D. y Fraile Jurado, P. (2016). Geophotopedia: geografía y fotografía en el contexto 2.0. Ar@cne, 27
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