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Vocabulary gender profiles in EFL e-mails


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Author: Canga Alonso, Andrés
Date: 2015
Published in: Cauce, 38, 35-52.
Document type: Article
Abstract: El objetivo principal de este artículo es trazar el perfil de vocabulario utilizado por quince aprendices de inglés –siete chicas y ocho chicos– españoles de educación secundaria con dificultades de aprendizaje para describir a chicos/as de su misma...
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This paper aims at tracing the vocabulary profiles used by twelve secondary school Spanish students with learning difficulties (seven girls and five boys) to describe people their same age and traditional festivals in Spain and the UK thanks to an e-mail tandem exchange with learners of Spanish as a foreign language of their same age, belonging to a secondary school in the UK. Taking account of these texts, we will also aim to (i) identify the number of types and tokens used by boys and girls, (ii) the lexical category of the words used by both sexes, and (iii) check the wordlist (1, 2 or 3) in which the types and tokens boys and girls used in their e-mails. All the texts were digitalised and analysed by means of Range Tools. Our results indicate that (i) girls produce more tokens but less types than boys, (ii) nouns are the most frequent lexical categories used by both sexes, and (iii) girls include more types belonging to wordlists 2 and 3 in their e-mails.
Cite: Canga Alonso, A. (2015). Vocabulary gender profiles in EFL e-mails. Cauce, 38, 35-52.
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