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q-Deformed Vibron model for diatomic molecules

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Autor: Álvarez Nodarse, Renato
Bonatsos, Dennis
Smirnov, Yuri F.
Departamento: Universidad de Sevilla. Departamento de Análisis Matemático
Date: 1994-08
Publicado en: Physical Review A, 50, 1088-1095.
Tipo de documento: Artículo
Abstract: A deformed version of the vibron model for diatomic molecules is constructed. Both the O(4) and U(3) dynamical symmetries of the model are rewritten, using the concept of complementary subalgebras, in a more convenient form, which is subsequently deformed. The present model unifies the so far independent successful quantum-algebraic approaches to rotational and to vibrational spectra of diatomic molecules. In addition, the method can be used for the construction of deformed versions of the U(5) and O(6) limits of the interacting boson model of nuclear structure.
Cita: Álvarez Nodarse, R., Bonatsos, D. y Smirnov, Y.F. (1994). q-Deformed Vibron model for diatomic molecules. Physical Review A, 50, 1088-1095.
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