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Innovación Docente en Historia Económica en el EEES


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Author: Pons Pons, Jerònia
González Mariscal, Manuel
Sánchez Mosquera, Marcial
Coordinator/Director: Buitrago Esquinas, Eva María
Sánchez Franco, Manuel Jesús
Department: Universidad de Sevilla. Departamento de Economía e Historia Económica
Date: 2010
Published in: III Jornadas de Investigación e Innovación Docente (2010), 188-194
ISBN/ISSN: 978-84-693-8971-3
Document type: Presentation
Abstract: El Proyecto de Innovación Docente se aplicó sobre 450 alumnos de la asignatura de Historia Económica en el primer curso del Grado de Finanzas y Contabilidad. En esta asignatura se había utilizado tradicionalmente una metodología basada en clases ...
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The Teaching Innovation Project was applied to 450 students of the Subject of Economic History of the first year of the Finance and Accounting Degree. This topic had used to be a traditional method based on master classes with the support of complementary readings and dossiers. Teaching project introduced a blended learning using the University of Seville web site. Through this platform and attending classes were also e-learning. The main topic of these activities are focused on the economic crisis with cases studies: the crisis of 1873, the Great Depression of 1929, the crisis of 1973 oil crisis, financial crisis 90’s years and the current economic crisis. Through the network materials, and exercises in class (press, reading of economic history and documentaries are established the causes, effects and common and differents aspects of these crisis.
Cite: Pons Pons, J., González Mariscal, M. y Sánchez Mosquera, M. (2010). Innovación Docente en Historia Económica en el EEES. En III Jornadas de Investigación e Innovación Docente (188-194), Sevilla: Edición Digital Atres.
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