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La administración basada en la evidencia como método de enseñanza


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Título alternativo: Evidence-based management as a teaching method
Author: García del Junco, Julio
Dutschke, Georg
Department: Universidad de Sevilla. Departamento de Administración de Empresas y Comercialización e Investigación de Mercados (Marketing)
Date: 2008
Published in: ACIMED, 17 (6)
Document type: Article
Abstract: La administración basada en la evidencia se inspira en la medicina basada en la evidencia. Ella proporciona un marco de referencia para seguir una lógica de actuación. Un problema exige conocer lo que deseamos hacer, la valoración de las consecuen...
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Evidence-based management is inspired in evidence-based medicine. Evidence-based management provides a frame of reference to follow a logic of performance. A problem demands to know what we want to do, the evaluation of the consequences of a decision and the necessary information, to act in a sense. The paper explains the concept of evidence-based management and its application to teaching. We present the results of a longitudinal study, conducted between 2000 and 2006, based on case analysis, to collect an adequate number of variables, and to know how they are perceived by students in connection with evidence-based management. The students rated the effectiveness of evidence-based management through a questionnaire based on Likert's scale with values ranging from 1 to 7. The students consider the method as "a good way to learn from the companies' errors" , indicating as a disadvantage "that it is not always good to copy other companies".
Cite: García del Junco, J. y Dutschke Jeremias, G. (2008). La administración basada en la evidencia como método de enseñanza. ACIMED, 17 (6)
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