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La educación del patrimonio en los marcos. Análisis de materiales didácticos


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Opened Access La educación del patrimonio en los marcos. Análisis de materiales didácticos
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Título alternativo: Heritage education in museums. Educational material analysis
Author: Martín Cáceres, Myriam
López Cruz, Inmaculada
Morón Monge, Hortensia
Ferreras Listán, Mario
Department: Universidad de Sevilla. Departamento de Didáctica de las Ciencias Experimentales y Sociales
Date: 2014
Published in: Clío. History and History Teaching, 40
Document type: Article
Abstract: En este trabajo analizamos el papel que se le otorga a la educación patrimonial en los museos histórico-artísticos, de la ciencia y parques naturales. Trabajamos con los materiales didácticos editados por los centros patrimoniales con mayor número d...
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The role of Heritage Education is analysed through the historical, artistic, science museums and natural parks. We work with educational documents edited by the most visited heritage centres in each typology in Spain. The aim is to characterise the patrimonial outlook transmitted by these materials, detect the difficulties and obstacles in terms of heritage education and provide input to allow integration from a transdisciplinary, constructivist and socio-critical perspective. To this end, different research instrument are developed (progression hypothesis, observation sheets and data collection categories and tables) to enable a systematic and rigorous analysis of the educational materials and centres studied. The outcomes, in general, allow us highlighting the disciplinary use of heritage as an educational resource, and its relationships between several heritage centres and typologies with our educational proposals
Cite: Martín Cáceres, M., López Cruz, I., Morón Monge, H. y Ferreras Listán, M. (2014). La educación del patrimonio en los marcos. Análisis de materiales didácticos. Clío. History and History Teaching, 40
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