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Planked timber floor slabs with ceramic demolition waste


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Título alternativo: Forjados de madera de entrevigado cuajado con residuos cerámicos de demolición
Author: Rubio de Hita, Paloma
Pérez Gálvez, Filomena
Morales Conde, María Jesús
Rodríguez-Liñán, Carmen
Department: Universidad de Sevilla. Departamento de Construcciones Arquitectónicas I (ETSA)
Date: 2015
ISBN/ISSN: 9788461739646
Document type: Presentation
Abstract: The present work is the continuity of the research carried out by the group TEP 205, "Analysis and evaluation of construction and structural systems in Architecture", focused on domestic architecture building typologies of cities as Seville or Cordoba from the seventeenth to the twentieth centuries. The aim of the study, mainly experimental, is to develop a new infill piece, from the reuse of ceramic waste generated in demolition works. This piece is intended to be used in the floors of this building typology. Different test models reproducing the geometry and structural characteristics of these slabs have been developed. In these models different dosages of mortars and geometries are studied, in order to achieve the necessary strength for their use on the building site. As a result, we have developed a piece in which resistance values reaches up to 137 Kgf, higher than the values required to prefabricated concrete slabs according to regulations. El trabajo realizado es una continuidad en la línea de investigación del grupo TEP-205, “Análisis y evaluación de sistemas constructivos y estructurales en la Arquitectura”, centrada en las tipologías edificatorias de la arquitectura doméstica de c...
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Cite: Rubio de Hita, P., Pérez Gálvez, F., Morales Conde, M.J. y Rodríguez-Liñán, C. (2015). Planked timber floor slabs with ceramic demolition waste. Universidad de Sevilla, Departamento de Construcciones Arquitectónicas I.
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