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Level and diffusion of technology in the Andalusian industry (1980–1995)


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dc.creator Palma Martos, Luis Antonio es
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dc.description.abstract The degree of economic development of any region is usually related to different factors. One of the most important is the technological level associated to the productive sectors. The technological level must be measured, not only by the appearance of new products and production processes (generation), but also by the possibility of including these products and processes inside the firm (adoption/diffusion). This idea means that both, generation and diffusion of technology occupy a central position in the production system of any region, and especially in some places where the SME´s are a relevant majority. One of the main targets of technological policy is the development of the technological level of the firms and by extent of the region as a whole. So it is relevant to design and study the evolution of an indicator that measures this objective. There are several ways to study the technological level of a region or of a specific economic sector. In this paper, we will follow the methodology of Input-Output Analysis that make possible a more detailed study. In this paper we are interested in investigating the relationship between the industries at the regional level of Andalusia and compared with the country as a whole. The period of analysis is 1980-1995. Our first target is to specify the input side in the innovation process by means of variables such as R&D spends, industrial employment in the R&D activities, human capital, etc., both as a whole and as share of GPD. The second step is related to the analysis of output data, characterised mainly by technological indexes (Saez, 1992) and de evolution of potentially innovative industrial sectors, which include sectors that use mainly high technological inputs and spread technology among the whole economy. The third step is concerned with study of the evolution of the Intermediate Input Requirements and Employment Requirements of every industrial sector and of the regional economy es
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dc.title Level and diffusion of technology in the Andalusian industry (1980–1995) es
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