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Métodos estadísticos aplicados en arqueología


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Author: Prada Domínguez, Lucía
Director: Fernández Ponce, José María
Department: Universidad de Sevilla. Departamento de Estadística e Investigación Operativa
Date: 2015-09
Document type: Final Degree Work
Academic Title: Universidad de Sevilla. Grado en Matemáticas
Abstract: La Arqueología no está tan lejos de ciencias como las Matemáticas, y en especial la Estadística, como podamos imaginar. Mostrar algunas aplicaciones de la Estadística en Arqueología es el objetivo de este proyecto. En primer lugar, desarrollamos una...
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Archaeology is not so far from sciences like Mathematics, and specially Statistics, as we can believe. Analyzing some statistical applications in Archaeology is the purpose of this project. First of all, a technique like the Categorical Data Analysis is explained. Secondly, we will study a non-parametric technique as the Kernel Density Estimation and a multivariate tool as the Classification and Regression Trees (known by its acronym CART). Finally, we will study a very common problem in Archaeology like it is the radiocarbon dating from the point of view of the Bayesian Statistics, what has increased its contribution to Statistics research in a spectacular way lately. All these techniques are illustrated with real examples from archaeological studies where each of them are used, as the R-software commands needed for its practical implementation.
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