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Nonlocality and short-range wetting phenomena


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Author: Parry, Andrew O.
Romero Enrique, José Manuel
Lazarides, Achilleas
Department: Universidad de Sevilla. Departamento de Física Atómica, Molecular y Nuclear
Date: 2004
Published in: Physical Review Letters, 93 (8), 086104-1/ 086104-4
Document type: Article
Abstract: We propose a nonlocal interfacial model for 3D short-range wetting at planar and nonplanar walls. The model is characterized by a binding-potential functional depending only on the bulk Ornstein- Zernike correlation function, which arises from different classes of tubelike fluctuations that connect the interface and the substrate. The theory provides a physical explanation for the origin of the effective position-dependent stiffness and binding potential in approximate local theories and also obeys the necessary classical wedge covariance relationship between wetting and wedge filling. Renormalization group and computer simulation studies reveal the strong nonperturbative influence of nonlocality at critical wetting, throwing light on long-standing theoretical problems regarding the order of the phase transition
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