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An optimal design problem in wave propagation


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Título alternativo: An optimal design problem in wave propagation
Author: Bellido Guerrero, José Carlos
Donoso Bellón, Alberto
Date: 2007-09
Published in: XX Congreso de Ecuaciones Diferenciales y Aplicaciones. Sevilla, 24-28 de septiembre de 2007
Document type: Presentation
Abstract: In this paper we consider an optimal design problem in wave propagation proposed in [1] SIGMUND O. and JENSEN J.S. Systematic Design of Phononic Band-Gap Materials and Structures by Topology Optimization, The Royal Society of London, Philosophical Transactions, Series A, Vol. 361, pp. 1001–1019, 2003 in the one-dimensional situation: Given two materials at our disposal with different Young’s modulus and different density, the problem consists of finding the best distributions of the two initial materials in a rod in order to minimize the vibration energy in the structure under periodic loading of driving frequency Ω. We comment on relaxation and optimality conditions, and perform numerical simulations of the optimal configurations. We also prove the existence of classical solutions in certain cases.
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